Danny Escalante’s sculptural work is centered in the investigation of his innately over-analytical being, and the product of this characteristic – ambiguous manifestations as he interprets the world around him. Whether the simple act of driving throughout Los Angeles or more complex like deciphering societal issues; daily stimuli allows him to create color filled objects and installations. Combining this unique approach, he incorporates a fascination with industrial materials in their raw form, everyday recognizable materials, and color to appropriately transform abrupt intangible visions into tangible experiences for an audience. The work through process-based techniques such as repetition of line and material accumulation or transformation, generates an antithetical language for the sculptural works.  


Making sense of his work, Escalante has felt an intimate relationship to those responsible for the Italian Arte Povera movement. As these artists rejected ‘high’ art by returning to simple materials while focusing on the power of the imagination, they were able to create through their subjective examinations’ of their environments.



Escalante received his BFA in Sculpture at the University of Oregon in 2017. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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